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Exposure to toxic chemicals and dust can take a horrible toll on your health. In addition to endangering human and animal life, toxic chemical spills, leaks and dumping can ruin the environment and destroy property values.

If you were injured or someone you loved has died due to exposure to toxic chemicals, do not hesitate to schedule a free case evaluation at Greene Ketchum. Our attorneys care about protecting your health and the health of our environment.

Exposure To Chemicals Can Be Deadly

The effects of chemical and dust exposure can take years to become apparent. After exposure to asbestos, for example, it typically takes decades before a person develops asbestosis. In other cases, the effect is nearly immediate, as in burns from a chemical spill or gas or oil fire.

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Is an industrial plant dumping chemicals on the land or in a body of water? Does groundwater testing show dangerous levels of chemicals in your water supply? Has your property become contaminated by seepage of gas, oil or chemicals from an underground tank? If you are aware of pollution of the groundwater, air or soil you might also be entitled to monetary recovery.

We have the resources, experience and legal ability to handle large, complex toxic tort cases. We will fight diligently to recover the maximum amount of monetary compensation for you. To discuss your case, please Contact a Greene Ketchum chemical exposure attorney in Huntington, WV today.

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