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A motor vehicle accident can have a devastating effect on your life, your finances and your future. Even a minor collision can cause lifelong neck and back injuries. A major car wreck can cause catastrophic injuries, including paralysis, brain injury, spinal cord injury and more.

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident or you have lost a loved one, schedule a free consultation with a skilled car accident attorney at Greene Ketchum. We will listen to the facts of your case and provide the clear, honest legal guidance you need.

Handling A Broad Range Of Vehicle Accidents

We recover financial compensation for the victims of all types of automobile crashes. Please call us if you have been injured in any type of vehicle crash, including:

  • Auto accidents: including collisions involving distracted drivers, drunk drivers and teenager car accidents.
  • Motorcycle accidents: including accidents caused by dangerous road conditions, debris on the road, negligent drivers or poor road design.
  • Pedestrian accidents: including those occurring in crosswalks, parking lots, jogging lanes or sidewalks.
  • Truck accidents: including commercial vehicles, 18-wheelers, coal trucks and logging trucks.
  • Railroad accidents: including faulty safety mechanisms and operator error.
  • Recreational vehicle accidents: including all-terrain vehicle accidents and boating accidents.

Whether your injury was the result of a hit-and-run, a head-on collision, a rear-end collision or a T-bone collision, an experienced attorney can explain your legal options for monetary compensation. We handle cases involving all types of injuries that stem from a car accident, including traumatic brain injuries, closed head injuries, concussions, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, broken bones, amputations, and others.

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