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Commercial truck drivers are responsible to follow state and federal regulations to mitigate the potential for serious accidents. Log haulers have additional regulations and safety codes they must follow to protect the safety of motorists. If you or your loved one was in a logging truck accident in West Virginia, select a highly skilled attorney with experience handing these complex commercial trucking accident claims.

At Greene Ketchum, we have more than 60 years of experience practicing exclusively in West Virginia. We are fully aware of the local and national regulations loggers are required to follow. Our legal team has the skills and legal resources to take on highly complex trucking accident claims, even when liability is initially unclear. We conduct thorough investigations to understand if any regulations were overlooked putting motorists’ lives at risk. When the stakes are high, contact our Huntington trucking accident attorneys for a free consultation.

Seeking To Determine Fault In Catastrophic And Fatal Logging Accidents

n a split second, you or your loved one’s life may have been turned upside down. The logging truck company’s insurance adjuster likely responded quickly with a settlement offer. You may be tempted to accept this so you can start paying down the medical expenses and other bills you have incurred. However, initial settlements rarely cover the current and long-term damages accident victims incur.

At Greene Ketchum, we are committed to helping you secure a full financial recovery. Our logging truck accident attorneys in West Virginia conduct thorough investigation to identify fault before jumping to accept the insurance adjuster’s settlement. We seek to evaluate as much evidence as possible including any maintenance records, fuel tickets and log records.

Our legal team also reviews property damage and works with accident scene reconstructionists to understand the scope of liability. We are highly familiar with the regulations logging truck companies and drivers are expected to follow. Our legal team is fully prepared to determine if any of the following requirements were overlooked:

  • Logging truck drivers must have a valid operator’s license
  • Logging truck brakes, tires and steering should be inspected regularly
  • Inspection records should be maintained
  • Truck loads should be balanced and properly centered

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