Distracted Driver

Distracted Drivers Are A Danger On Our Roads

Car accidents have been on the rise as motorists have started to do everything but focus on the road. From eating in their car to texting and talking on their cell phones while driving, many drivers are failing to keep their eyes on the road. Motorists who take their eyes off the road even for a split second can cause catastrophic or fatal car accidents. If you or a loved one was the victim of a distracted driver accident in West Virginia, obtain experienced legal counsel.

Proving fault in distracted driver accidents can be highly complicated. Often, motor vehicle accidents happen quickly, making it difficult to pinpoint the cause of the collision. At Greene Ketchum, we have more than 60 years of experience proving fault, even when liability is initially unclear. We have the skills and legal resources to help you assert your legal rights. Contact our distracted driver accident attorneys today to learn how we can help you pursue a full financial recovery during a free initial consultation.

Proving Fault Against Distracted Drivers In West Virginia

Every car accident claim is fact-specific. Our law firm’s motor vehicle accident lawyers have extensive experience proving fault in highly complex claims. However, we never take on a personal injury case with any false assumptions. Our legal team conducts thorough investigations to determine if more than one party caused the collision. Part of our focus includes evaluating accident scene reports and any witness statements. When fault remains unclear, we review the property damage and can consult accident scene reconstructionists to understand if a form of distracted driving was an issue, such as:

  • Talking on the cell phone while driving
  • Texting and driving
  • Checking Facebook and tweeting while driving
  • Eating and driving
  • Sending emails while driving
  • Putting makeup on while driving

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