Losing A Loved One Can Be Devastating

The untimely death of someone you love is a tragedy. A wrongful death, one caused by the negligence or carelessness of another person or organization, is even more tragic because it didn’t have to happen.

If You Have Lost A Loved One, We Are Here To Help

The compassionate and skillful attorneys of Greene Ketchum will help you seek justice in cases of wrongful death. Whether your loved one was killed in a fatal accident or by a defective product, we know what to do to help you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. Please contact a wrongful death attorney in Huntington, WV at Greene Ketchum today for experienced legal representation in all types of wrongful death cases, including those involving:

In cases of wrongful death, we will pursue financial compensation for the loss of present and future income, advice, care, and company of your loved one. We will also seek compensation for your loved one’s injury, pain and suffering, medical bills, and funeral expenses.

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