Sexual Abuse Injuries Can Be Physical Or Emotional

As parents, we often entrust the care of our children to other people, such as babysitters, school teachers, day care providers, coaches, bus drivers, medical professionals, and scout leaders. We rely on them to care for our children and keep them safe from harm. That is why it is especially devastating when a person in a position to be responsible for children breaks that trust and sexually abuses a child.

If your son or daughter was sexually abused by a person who should have been caring for the child, please contact a Huntington sexual abuse lawyer at Greene Ketchum today for effective representation. We have the experience, legal knowledge, and courtroom skill required to win financial compensation for harm your child has suffered.

We will thoroughly research and prepare your case. Child psychologists, rape counselors, child abuse advocates, and sexual predator profilers may be brought in to offer their insight, knowledge, and analysis.

If you or a loved one suffered sexual abuse by someone who took advantage of their position of authority or responsibility, please contact the sex abuse attorneys at Greene Ketchum.

Sexual abuse can have emotional and psychological effects that last a lifetime. Victims can have difficulty forming healthy relationships or even holding a job. Shouldn’t those responsible for these atrocious acts of child sex abuse be held responsible for the damages they cause?

We are caring attorneys who handle child sex abuse cases with sensitivity and compassion. You can rely on us to get results for you and your family members.

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