Rib Rolls
& Roof Falls

Providing Legal Guidance Following A Coal Mine Accident

Coal mining is one of the most dangerous industries in West Virginia. Every year, miners put themselves at great risk working in extreme conditions. Coal mining companies are required to comply with industry-wide safety regulations. Yet, when corners are cut, miners are vulnerable to serious and life-threatening injuries from rib rolls and roof fall accidents. If you or your loved one was in a coal mining accident, obtain experienced legal counsel.

At Greene Ketchum, we have more than 60 years of experience practicing exclusively in West Virginia. We have a clear understanding of how the coal mining industry works and the rights you are entitled to as a coal miner. When you select our law firm, you don’t have to explain anything to us. We have extensive experience advocating for coal miners throughout West Virginia. We are fully prepared to help you assert your legal rights. Contact our law firm today to learn what we can do for you during a free initial consultation.

Helping Injured Miners Secure A Full Financial Recovery In West Virginia

In West Virginia, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation. This provides a safeguard to cover injured workers’ medical expenses and lost wages, regardless of fault. However, workers’ compensation often fails to fully address the extent of damages workers incur from rib roll and roof fall accidents. Because injured workers do not have to prove liability, workers cannot sue their employer for additional compensation.

Our law firm’s work injury attorneys have the skills and legal resources to try and help you obtain a recovery above and beyond workers’ compensation benefits. We have extensive experience pursuing civil lawsuits against subcontractors, manufacturers or another third party responsible for causing rib roll or roof fall accidents. We will apply our years of experience and legal skills to try and help you secure a full financial recovery.

When you select our law firm, we will conduct a thorough investigation to understand if any of the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s regulations were ignored. We consult engineers and former mining and safety experts to evaluate the factors involved in the accident. Part of our focus is to understand:

  • Was the equipment properly inspected before the coal mining accident occurred?
  • Was the crew forced to use defective equipment?
  • Was the roof not bolted down correctly?
  • Did management fail to properly evaluate the condition of the roof?
  • Did the mine operator ignore signs of changing weather patterns?

We will ask all the hard questions in pursuit of determining fault. If someone beyond your employer caused the rib roll and roof fall, we will aggressively sue all the at-fault parties to help you obtain maximum compensation for any lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. We are fully prepared to help you obtain the compensation you are entitled.

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Coal mining companies devote substantial resources to try and mitigate their exposure to liability. The best investment you can make is to select a highly skilled personal injury law firm not afraid to prove fault against large coal mining companies. We have extensive experience preparing all of our claims for a favorable trial verdict. Contact our coal mining attorneys today to learn how we can help you assert your legal rights during a free consultation.

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