Defective Equipment, Procedural Errors And Surgical Mistakes

Standard treatment protocols are intended to guide surgeons in operating on and treating patients. When departures from standard treatment protocols result in injury or death, doctors can be held financially liable. At the law office of Greene Ketchum, our attorneys work closely with experts in medicine and surgery in reviewing the actions and decisions of doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and attending staff.

We expose communication failures and poorly executed surgical techniques that result in ignored symptoms and warning signs, failure to identify pre-existing conditions, and poor preparation. Our office reviews medical records, video from the operating room or delivery room if available, and patient charts.

Don’t let an HMO intimidate you or lead you to believe that your complications were due to “statistical risks inherent in your surgical procedure” – contact surgical mistake attorneys at Greene Ketchum today to discuss your case.

Common Surgical Errors

The law office of Greene Ketchum represents people suffering from injuries and serious medical complications due to the following:

  • Birth injuries
  • Gastric bypass surgical errors
  • Perforated bowel
  • Cut artery or vein
  • Nerve damage
  • Surgical implements or sponges left in patient
  • Lasik surgery errors
  • Removal of wrong organ
  • Disfigurement

Filing A Lawsuit In Surgical Mistake Cases

In order to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor, there must first be a preliminary finding of negligence on his or her part. Typically, another qualified, trained medical professional reviews the specifics of a case and issues an expert report regarding acts of negligence or departures from standard treatment protocols. During this time, our attorneys begin the process of collecting evidence, interviewing eyewitnesses, and contacting medical experts. In presenting the facts of your case, we identify breakdowns in communication, contradictory testimony, and failures to note certain symptoms or problems before and during surgery.

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