From semi truck wrecks to head-on car collisions, all types of motor vehicle accidents can be perilous. Tragically, traffic collisions are particularly hazardous for motorcyclists, many of whom are thrown from their bikes at a high speed. When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident in Huntington, West Virginia, they may be seriously injured or lose their life. Also, when a fatal motorcycle crash occurs, it may leave the family of the victim completely devastated.

Law enforcement officials say that a motorcyclist who was from Pennsylvania passed away after he collided with a vehicle in West Virginia. The accident, which took place in Short Gap on Route 28, left the 68-year-old man dead.

Authorities say the motorcyclist had collided with the vehicle’s rear after it came to a stop in order to make a turn. Three people were riding in the car, all of whom were sent to the hospital to be evaluated. Another person was also riding on the motorcycle, but they were able to survive the crash.

Whether a driver fails to yield or gets behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol, there are many reasons why motorcycle accidents keep happening. Sadly, many of these accidents were caused by recklessness and could have been prevented. For motorcycle accident victims and their families, doing everything they can to move forward is paramount. For some, this may include filing a lawsuit. In order to develop a better understanding of their legal options, many have turned to an experienced legal professional for assistance.

Source: WTOP, “Pennsylvania man dies in West Virginia motorcycle crash,” March 9, 2016

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