In 2010, total property damage costs from car accidents was $76.1 billion, 31% of all economic costs. If you or someone you know was recently involved in a car accident, it’s critical to take the right steps in the immediate aftermath. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind after getting into a car accident.

DO: Take photos of the scene

This is one of the absolute first steps you should take, if possible. Gathering your photo evidence early is important because once the damage gets repaired, there’s no more visual proof. It also helps to photograph the scene in a timely manner because the timestamp can serve as evidence regarding when exactly the accident occurred. This also goes for any injuries you or anybody in your car sustains.

DON’T: Delay calling a car accident attorney

Getting in touch with a car accident attorney is another major step that shouldn’t be put off. You need to consult car wreck attorneys in order to better understand your legal rights and duties. In the same realm, calling your car insurance provider is also essential, as to properly document each and every detail of the event, no matter how insignificant it may seem. As you’ll come to find out, proper note taking and documentation is absolutely essential throughout the entire process of any car accident case.

DO: Be completely honest

This should be a given, but under no circumstances should you ever lie to an attorney or insurance representative about any details of the incident. Even if you were at fault, even if you were distracted, and even if the incident was preventable, your insurance provider needs to have an accurate account of exactly what happened, in addition to where, when, why, and how. Spare no details in your recollection of the event.

DON’T: Sign anything until you’ve talked with a lawyer

Finally, it’s important to refrain from signing any type of document until you’ve had the chance to discuss the details of your case with a lawyer. It may seem logical in some situations, but without the advice of a lawyer, you can’t be totally sure of what you’re agreeing to, which could get you in serious financial trouble down the road.

Ultimately, being aware of these dos and don’ts can help you make the best decisions regarding your particular case. For more information about car accident attorneys, contact Greene Ketchum.

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