You have had a car accident. You have been injured. It’s time that you contact a personal injury attorney or car accident attorney to ensure your rights are protected. The legal system can be a complex and confusing journey for anyone and an attorney can help you make the best decisions and fight to get you the recovery you deserve.

During your first meeting with your attorney, make sure to ask these questions as a way to decide what direction to go next.

    1. Ask: “What type of case do I have?”
      Chances are your case may involve problems other than just the other driver’s negligence. It is possible the person at fault was driving under the influence of alcohol which means you may also have a case against an establishment that was selling them alcohol. It could be that the other vehicle was borrowed by the driver who caused the wreck. In such cases, your car accident attorney will need to find out what insurance coverage applies and whether the vehicle was negligently entrusted to the driver who caused the accident.

      This is important, don’t leave any stone unturned. Discuss with your lawyer all possible personal injury claims relating to the accident you were involved in.


    1. Ask: “What are my damages?”
      The types of damages you can claim in a car accident vary. Even the simplest cases generally involve medical bills and expenses as well as your pain and suffering. It is also important to know your right to compensation for permanent injuries, future medical treatment and care, lost wages and loss of future earning capacity.

      This is important; many insurance companies want to limit the amount of damages they have to pay. Be honest with your attorney; follow his or her advice concerning their experience with similar accident claims.


  1. Ask: “How do I pay my medical bills while laid up by my injuries?”
    If your car accident has caused you permanent injury your lawyer should be able to explain to you the benefits of first party insurance coverage that you may be entitled to receive under your automobile insurance policy’s medical payment coverage, your health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

    It is also important your attorney explain your first party insurance carrier’s right to subrogation or reimbursement. That is, your first party insurance carriers right to receive part of any settlement or jury verdict you ultimately receive as the result of paying medical expenses on your behalf.

A car accident is serious; finding a personal injury lawyer and asking these three questions first will help you decide the best direction to take.

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