From broken bones to fatalities, those involved in auto accidents often experience a significant amount of suffering. Furthermore, the families of those who are killed or injured in a car crash may also encounter hardships, from permanent emotional trauma to an inability to pay bills or put food on the table. In Huntington, and all other parts of West Virginia, it is vital for people who are trying to cope with the aftermath of a car accident to do everything in their power to recover.

Law enforcement officials say that alcohol could have played a role in a deadly traffic accident which recently took place on I-77. According to authorities, the crash claimed the lives of two girls, ages nine and six, as well as two adults. The accident was caused by a 35-year-old man whose truck struck the vehicle they were riding in head-on.

Four other people were riding in the vehicle that was struck by the truck driver, all of whom were injured. The truck driver was also injured in the crash, which happened around 1:30 in the morning. The people who lost their lives were heading home after vacationing in Disney World.

Drivers should understand the importance of obeying traffic laws and making road safety a top priority. Sadly, some crashes cannot be prevented and are the result of a reckless driver who shouldn’t be behind the wheel. People who are trying to move forward from an auto accident may want to consider speaking with an experienced attorney.

Source:, “Grove City family killed in West Virginia car crash after visit to Disney World,” Courtney Yuen and Candice Lee, March 29, 2016

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