Whenever a traffic collision occurs, the outcome may be perilious for those involved. Tragically, semi truck crashes can have particularly upsetting outcomes for all sorts of reasons. For example, large trucks can be especially dangerous due to their massive size and truck drivers sometimes push themselves to drive while dangerously fatigued. In Huntington, and across the state of West Virginia, semi drivers, trucking companies and everyone else on the road should try to prevent large truck crashes from claiming additional lives.

A semi truck crash that recently happened in Missouri left two people injured. The wreck took place at roughly 12:20 p.m. in St. Charles, according to authorities. Two people who were riding in vehicles the truck driver struck were hurt, while the driver of the semi truck was not injured in the crash.

The accident prompted officials to close lanes and also left part of the semi truck dangling over a bridge after it rolled over. Officials say the truck driver, who was transporting soap, was able to climb through the truck and escape unharmed.

Even when road safety is a top priority, drivers are not always able to avoid large truck collisions. After a wreck, drivers who are struck may suffer severe injuries or lose their lives. For the families of truck accident victims, a number of hardships can make life challenging, from burdensome hospital expenses to other financial problems and emotional pain. People who are trying to move forward from the aftermath of a semi truck crash may want to think about contacting an attorney who is well-versed in handling these types of cases.

Source: Fox2Now.com, “Semi truck dangles over Discovery Bridge after accident near St. Charles,” Dan Gray, April 6, 2016

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