For motorcyclists, the roads can be particularly dangerous. From poor road conditions caused by inclement weather to negligent drivers and the vulnerability that comes with riding a motorcycle, there are many hazards that bikers need to watch out for every time they get on a motorcycle. In Huntington, and across West Virginia, accidents involving motorcycles have claimed far too many lives and often result in debilitating injuries that have a wide-reaching impact on motorcyclists. For example, an injured biker may be unable to return to work or pay for medical care.

Law enforcement officials in Virginia say that an SUV recently hit a motorcyclist when the driver was trying to turn. The accident, which took place in Norfolk, claimed the life of the 57-year-old motorcyclist. Officials say the motorcyclist was riding south on Granby Street when the SUV driver tried to turn left and hit him.

The motorcyclist suffered severe injuries after being hit by the SUV and was taken to a nearby hospital before he passed away. After the collision, authorities had to shut down lanes while the deadly accident was being investigated.

While motorcycle crashes can have a significant impact on those involved in the accident, they may also affect a motorcyclist’s loved ones. Sometimes, the family members of a motorcyclist may experience overwhelming emotional pain, financial problems and other hardships after a collision. For those who are struggling with the consequences of a motorcycle accident firsthand, reaching out to a knowledgeable legal professional could be a smart move.

Source: WAVY-TV, “Person dies after serious motorcycle accident in Norfolk,” Jesse Varner, April 8, 2016

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