Sometimes, accidents involving a large truck cannot be avoided. For example, if a drunk or fatigued truck driver gets behind the wheel and veers into oncoming traffic, you may be hurt or killed in a semi truck accident even though you are a responsible driver and understand the importance of road safety. However, there are some ways that you can reduce the likelihood of a semi truck crash in Huntington, and across West Virginia, such as understanding how to avoid the no-zones of large trucks.

According to information published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are four primary areas to focus on when it comes to the no-zones of a large truck. When passing a truck, make sure you avoid the front no-zone by never cutting the driver off and braking right away, since doing so could cause your vehicle to be rear-ended. It takes longer for truck drivers to slow down, so make sure you have sufficient room before attempting to pass a large truck.

You should also watch out for the rear no-zone of a bus or large truck. If you are driving too close behind a large truck, the driver cannot see you and you may hit them if they brake quickly. Next, be sure to keep an eye out for the side no-zones of a large truck. Driving too close to the side of a semi could result in an accident if the driver changes lanes lanes and their blind spot is far greater than those on smaller vehicles. Finally, truck drivers sometimes have to veer left when turning right, so be aware of wide right turns and don’t try to get through the narrow space between the truck and curb.

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