If you are a motorcyclist, you may face a myriad of dangers every single time you take to the road. As a result, it is important to realize some of the different causes of motorcycle wrecks, as well as the possible consequences of a crash. At Greene Ketchum, we know how devastating these accidents can be for motorcyclists and their families in Huntington, and across the entire state of West Virginia.

When it comes to motorcycle wrecks, there are a plethora of risk factors that may cause a crash. Sometimes, poor road conditions or bad signage can play a role in a wreck. Unfortunately, many motorcycle collisions are caused by negligent drivers, some of whom get behind the wheel after they have been drinking or taking drugs. Other reasons why drivers may collide with motorcyclists include insufficient sleep, speeding, distractions (cell phones, reading maps, talking with passengers, etc.) and failing to look out for motorcyclists when they are switching into another lane or making a turn.

From a back or neck injury to brain trauma, you may suffer a host of problems if you are involved in a motorcycle crash. Other potential consequences include the amputation of a limb, suffering a severe burn and struggling with emotional trauma following the accident. Furthermore, a crash may cause you to miss out on work or have difficulty paying for medical expenses, which underlines how financially troubling motorcycle accidents can be.

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