For motorcyclists, traffic accidents can be particularly hazardous. If you ride a motorcycle, or operate any type of vehicle for that matter, it is very important to understand how you can try to avoid a motorcycle crash. In Huntington, West Virginia, and throughout the nation, motorcycle accidents have claimed far too many lives and left many people with debilitating injuries that virtually destroy their quality of life.

The West Virginia Department of Public Transportation published a helpful guide that can help you prevent a motorcycle crash. First of all, you should always wear a helmet when you get on your bike, along with protective clothing. Make sure your helmet fits correctly and does not have any defects. It is also important to watch out for surfaces that do not provide ideal traction, such as wet, gravelly or icy roads.

Be careful if you ride at night and avoid the blind spots of other vehicles. When passing, make sure you have sufficient room and always signal properly. Furthermore, make sure that you hold your handlebars appropriately and ride with good posture. Make sure that you are very familiar with the ins and outs of your motorcycle and that everything works properly.

Regrettably, some motorcycle accidents can’t be prevented, such as those caused by a drunk driver or someone who doesn’t watch out for bikers when they drive. If you were hit by a negligent driver while riding your motorcycle, you should take a close look at every option on the table as you try to move forward.

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