Around the country, an alarming number of stories on fatal motorcycle accidents continue to appear in the news. Whether a motorcyclist is hit by a drunk driver or someone who failed to pay attention while behind the wheel, these reports are very upsetting and deadly motorcycle accidents keep happening far too often. In Huntington, West Virginia, and everywhere else in the U.S., drivers should be more vigilant when they take to the road.

Authorities in the state of Washington say that a driver struck a motorcyclist when he was trying to turn right. The collision caused the man who was riding his motorcycle to be thrown from his bike and hit by a truck. The identity of the victim has not been released at this time.

The victim was declared dead at the location of the crash, which prompted authorities to shut down lanes afterward. Officials are investigating the accident, which happened at roughly 5 a.m. in Renton.

While fatal motorcycle accidents are incredibly tragic and cause many hardships for the families of victims, crashes which do not result in the loss of life can also make life incredibly difficult for people. For example, a motorcyclist may be seriously hurt and forced to take time off work. Or, perhaps they cannot afford to cover the cost of medical care, or take care their responsibilities due to debilitating injuries. For motorcycle accident victims and their loved ones, reaching out to an attorney who knows how to handle these types of cases could be a wise move.

Source: KOMO, “Police: Motorcyclist dies after being hit by car in Renton,” June 21, 2016

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