Spinal cord injuries are devastating for people of all ages, but can be especially challenging for children and their parents. If your child has suffered a spinal cord injury, you may know firsthand how tricky life can be afterward. At Greene Ketchum, we are very familiar with the hardships that families encounter in Huntington, and other parts of West Virginia, when their child suffers a spinal cord injury.

Your child’s spinal cord may have been injured while playing sports or because they were involved in a car crash. However, these injuries can be very difficult regardless of the cause. You and your child may experience emotional pain and life may not be the same following the injury. Whether your child experiences pain or is unable to participate in certain activities, these injuries can have a significant impact on their quality of life. Additionally, you may find yourself facing medical expenses that you cannot afford and you may be worried about your child’s future.

Although spinal cord injuries can be extremely overwhelming, it is important to explore each option and help your child recover as much as you can. If your child’s injury was caused by another individual’s negligence, from a negligent property owner to a drunk driver, you may be able to gain access to compensation that can help you and your child tremendously.

If you visit our spinal cord injuries page, you can review more information concerning the consequences of damage to the spinal cord and dealing with this type of injury.

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