Auto accidents affect people from all walks of life and often have tragic outcomes. Sadly, some of the crashes that happen in Huntington, and cities across West Virginia, could have been avoided if reckless drivers had paid better attention when they were behind the wheel. Aside from lost lives, broken bones and financial issues (medical bills, lost wages, and so forth), auto accidents frequently lead to emotional pain and other challenges for the loved ones of those who were involved in an accident.

Authorities have identified the 41-year-old man who recently passed away in an auto accident in West Virginia. The victim, a firefighter who worked for the Morgantown Fire Department, was off-duty when the collision took place. The accident occurred on Route 119 in Morgantown shortly before 10 in the morning.

Investigators believe that a 67-year-old man from Bruceton Mills was responsible for the crash. It appears that his truck struck the firefighter’s vehicle when he was making a left turn. After the collision, the 67-year-old man was transported to the hospital for injuries sustained in the wreck.

From a hit-and-run accident to a crash involving alcohol, the details pertaining to each accident are different. As a result, those who decide to hold the driver responsible for their suffering accountable must thoroughly assess the ins and outs of what happened. While some car accident victims feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to handle the situation, moving forward is paramount. Sometimes, people who have found themselves in this position benefit from speaking with an attorney who has handled many of these types of cases.

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