From accidents involving a drunk trucker to wrecks which involve multiple large trucks, the details of each semi truck accident are different. Unfortunately, even pedestrians and bicyclists may be involved in a large truck accident in Huntington, and cities across West Virginia. For bicyclists, these accidents can be especially devastating and it is important for everyone to understand the risks and do what they can to avoid an accident. Regrettably, some truckers are fatigued from driving for too long or fail to pay attention, which increases the likelihood of a crash.

A woman in Michigan was recently taken to the hospital after she was struck by a semi while riding her bicycle. Authorities have not yet released the identity of the 50-something woman, who was listed in critical condition. Sources say the woman might have ridden her bicycle into the path of the truck.

The accident took place at roughly 9 a.m. in Lincoln Park. Investigators stayed on the scene while authorities shut down lanes for a majority of the morning.

After a wreck, truck accident victims may experience a myriad of challenges. Not only do people who have been through this often endure painful and life-changing injuries, but some are unable to go back to work or have lifelong mental trauma as a result of the accident. Sadly, many lose their lives, since large truck crashes are particularly hazardous. for those who have been hit by a large truck, reaching out to an experienced legal professional could help them recover from the wreck.

Source: WJBK, “Woman hit by semi truck in Lincoln Park,” June 16, 2016

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