From fatigue to intoxication and carelessness, large truck wrecks take place for a myriad of reasons. Tragically, the sheer size of big rigs and the greater amount of time it takes semi trucks to stop often makes these accidents especially dangerous. In Huntington, and around the whole state of West Virginia, people who have been struck by a large truck may experience all sorts of problems, ranging from debilitating injuries and missing out on work to financial difficulties. Worse yet, some people are never able to see their loved ones again.

A deadly accident that recently occurred in Monongalia County involved two big rigs as well as two tow trucks. According to law enforcement officials, two tow trucks were headed out to haul a tractor-trailer away on I-79. However, another big rig collided with one of the tow trucks while the driver of the tow truck was trying to connect to the tractor-trailer.

After his tow truck was hit, the driver was thrown from the truck and passed away at the accident site. The truck that slammed into the tow truck caught fire after the wreck, but the driver got out before the fire engulfed the truck. Nobody else was hurt in the accident.

For families, losing a loved one in a truck wreck can cause lifelong emotional trauma. Furthermore, the financial effects of an accident (medical bills, funeral expenses, etc.) can make life even harder. As a result, it is crucial for people who are facing these unimaginable challenges to do what they can to recover. For some, reaching out to an attorney may be beneficial.

Source: WV Metro News, “Tow truck driver killed responding to disabled 18-wheeler,” Aug. 9, 2016

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