From struggling with an injury throughout life to mental trauma and financial difficulties, victims of a motorcycle wreck often face many challenges. In Huntington, and cities throughout West Virginia, motorcycle crashes happen for a myriad of reasons and many drivers do not look out for motorcyclists on the road. Additionally, motorcyclists may find themselves in an accident as a result of dangerous road conditions, intoxicated drivers and poor signage. Tragically, these crashes also claim lives at an alarming rate. After all, a motorcyclist is especially vulnerable when they are struck by a vehicle at high speeds.

A motorcycle crash that recently transpired in Kentucky left a motorcyclist from West Virginia injured. Authorities say that a West Virginia man was riding his motorcycle when he collided with a Kentucky woman who was operating a vehicle on U.S. Highway 119. The collision is still being investigated.

The wreck left both individuals with injuries requiring hospitalization, although their condition is unclear at this time. The accident took place on a Friday morning around 9:45 in Pike County.

After a motorcycle collision, recovery is paramount. However, each crash is different and some victims may never be able to live life like they were prior to the accident. When a reckless driver causes a motorcycle crash that never should have happened, they must be held responsible for their actions. For some victims, discussing the ins and outs of their situation with an attorney who knows how to handle these cases could make a significant impact on their ability to move forward.

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