Whether a trucking company neglects maintenance or a trucker decides to drive while under the influence, semi crashes happen for many reasons. Sadly, these incidents can be very dangerous due to the large size of trucks and frequently leave those in other vehicles hurt, or even dead. In Huntington, and on roads throughout the state of West Virginia, it is critical for those who operate a large truck to understand the risks that are present whenever they take to the road. Unfortunately, truck crashes will keep claiming lives and leave many more with debilitating injuries.

Two people were hurt in a semi truck crash that recently took place in California. After the accident, the California Highway Patrol told drivers that they will likely experience delays and shut down lanes on U.S. Highway 101. The accident occurred in San Rafael at roughly 8:25 a.m.

According to law enforcement officials, a semi was carrying food when the driver of the truck collided with the center divider, blocking lanes and leaving debris dispersed across the road. Two people suffered injuries in the accident and were taken to a nearby hospital afterwards.

Following a truck wreck, victims may experience a wide range of problems. For example, an injury could leave them unable to perform their job responsibilities or they could suffer from mental trauma. Additionally, these accidents can have an impact on entire families, some of whom decide to take legal action. For truck accident victims, discussing the accident with an attorney could help them understand their different options and address the situation appropriately.

Source: CBS San Francisco, “Overturned Truck Blocks Highway 101 In San Rafael,” Oct. 14, 2016

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