If you or someone who is in your family are struggling with the consequences of a spinal cord injury, you may be facing a myriad of hurdles every day. For example, you may be out of work because of your injury, which often leads to financial problems and unpaid bills. Furthermore, you may find your mobility limited, barring you from participating in activities and leaving you with depression. In Huntington, and on roads across West Virginia, an alarming number of people have suffered these injuries because of car crashes.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, over 36 percent of the spinal cord injuries that take place are caused by motor vehicle accidents. In fact, more people suffer a spinal cord injury due to these crashes than any other cause. That said, falling is another major risk and these injuries also arise after a sports-related accident or violent act.

Among those who suffer spinal cord injuries, most are men (80 percent). Moreover, the NINDS reports that over a quarter-million people are dealing with the aftermath of a spinal cord injury in the U.S. These injuries cost $3 billion to manage on an annual basis and can make life incredibly tough for those affected.

Sadly, many of these injuries that have happened could have been prevented by obeying traffic laws and driving responsibly. If your spinal cord has been injured because of someone’s careless behavior, such as a drunk driver or someone who reached excessive speeds, they should be held responsible.

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