When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, there are many factors that may need to be taken into consideration by victims as well as their loved ones. Sometimes, wrecks are the result of speeding, drunk driving and other apparent causes. However, accidents also take place because of problems that may not receive as much attention, such as bad signage which confuses drivers and increases the likelihood of a crash in Huntington, or any other West Virginia city.

An accident that recently occurred in Mason County claimed the life of a 29-year-old man. The sheriff’s department is investigating the crash, which only involved one vehicle. According to one witness, a loud sound could be heard after the vehicle struck a tree, but the witness did not hear any noise from screeching tires or brakes.

After the vehicle slammed into the tree, it became engulfed in flames. Next, a group of people were able to extract the driver and put out the fire. The driver, who was from Charleston, was determined to have lost his life at the accident site.

Whether a traffic accident only involves one car or multiple vehicles, the outcome can be devastating. Even when drivers and passengers are able to survive, they may experience injuries, financial difficulties and mental trauma afterward. As a result, looking into all of the resources that are available after an auto accident is crucial. Sometimes, victims of a collision and their families can develop a clearer understanding of their choices by speaking with a legal professional.

Source: WSAZ, “UPDATE: Charleston man identified as victim of fatal crash in Mason County,” Nov. 23, 2016

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