From spinal cord injuries and shattered bones to the loss of life, auto accidents lead to a myriad of challenges for victims and their loved ones. However, car crashes frequently result in a number of financial troubles for those involved. In Huntington, and other cities in West Virginia, it is pivotal for those who have been struck by a drunk driver or involved in any other type of crash to take steps to minimize the financial burdens associated with motor vehicle accidents.

Over the course of 2010, traffic accidents carried $210 billion in economic costs, according to data that was published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These costs include medical expenses associated with injuries, funeral expenses, damage to property and vehicles, legal fees and expenses related to emergency response, among others.

On a personal level, auto accidents can lead to a variety of financial hardships. Aside from hospital bills and damage to your vehicle, you may earn less income due to lost productivity or an injury keeping you out of the workplace. Moreover, you may be required to take physical therapy or pay for your loved one to be buried after a fatal car accident.

Regardless of the details surrounding an accident that has upended your life, it is vital for you to make physical, emotional and financial recovery a top priority, if possible. If these problems were brought on by a reckless driver, you should not hesitate to have them held responsible for the pain and suffering they have caused.

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