For taxi drivers and their passengers, motor vehicle accidents are a serious concern. In recent years, an increasing number of people have also turned to ride-sharing services, which carry the same risks. If you have been hurt in an auto accident that took place in Huntington, or any other West Virginia community, it is very important to carefully analyze every option. At Greene Ketchum, we are very familiar with the variety of problems that car accident victims may experience.

Whether you suffer a broken bone or head trauma, being injured in a taxi or ride-sharing service crash can completely interrupt your life, whether you are a customer or the driver of the vehicle. For taxi drivers and their passengers, these injuries can lead to an inability to work, an incredible amount of physical and mental pain as well as medical costs, which can be financially draining. Sadly, some people lose their lives as well.

Even when those who drive a taxi or work for a ride-sharing service obey every traffic law and try to drive safely at all times, a collision may occur. Regrettably, drunk drivers, speeders, poor road conditions and a host of other major problems can all lead to a devastating accident. Many car crash victims experience a number of upsetting problems that wreak havoc in their lives and they should not hesitate to have negligent drivers held responsible for the suffering they have caused.

If you visit our auto accidents page, you can review more information on the topic of motor vehicle crashes.

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