Each year, far too many pedestrians are killed or suffer debilitating injuries when they are struck by vehicles. For pedestrians in Huntington, and other West Virginia communities, traffic accidents may result in a number of injuries that upend their lives. However, spinal cord injuries can be especially challenging and often lead to permanent changes in victims’ lives.

From a motorcycle crash to a semi collision, any type of traffic accident can be deadly and result in severe injuries. That said, pedestrian accidents are often especially dangerous. When a pedestrian is struck by a car, the impact of the collision can shatter their spine and cause a host of other injuries.

If your spinal cord was injured after you were hit by a vehicle, you may have lost your ability to work. By missing out on wages, you could be unable to cover the cost of buying food for your family or paying the mortgage. As if that does not make life hard enough, you may also be facing unbearable pain and significant medical costs. Moreover, your quality of life may never return to normal and you may have to cope with your injury permanently.

Whether you were hit by someone who was speeding, a drunk driver or someone who simply was not paying attention, you should make sure that anyone responsible for your spinal cord injury is held accountable. If you head over to the spinal cord injuries section of our site, you can access more material concerning the consequences of an injured spine.

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