If your spinal cord was hurt while you were working, you may have financial problems over medical bills, lost wages or the cost of rehabilitation. You may also be struggling with a disability that will haunt you for life, serious physical pain and mental trauma. Furthermore, you may have lost your ability to take care of other responsibilities, such as running errands, or you could be unable to participate in recreational pursuits and hobbies.

Spinal cord injuries occur on construction sites, office spaces and other types of workspaces far too often. If you are going through this firsthand, you should take advantage of any resources that may help you move forward. If someone’s reckless behavior caused your injury, or your company failed to take steps to protect you at work, they should be held accountable. Depending on the extent of your injury, life may never return to normal. However, you could be able to improve your quality of life by taking action.

On the section of our website devoted to spinal cord injuries, you can read more material concerning the possible consequences of an injured spinal cord.

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