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Abuse and Neglect Can Be Fatal in Assisted Living Centers

Though assisted living centers provide support and care for individuals who are able to mostly live and function on their own, neglect and abuse can still occur. Caregivers need to be vigilant in their care and attention. Unfortunately, they are often not as attentive as they should be and residents can become seriously injured or ill.

We at the Huntington, West Virginia, law firm of Greene Ketchum are aggressive in our defense of the rights of assisted living residents. These individuals are often vulnerable and should not be taken advantage of by staff or other residents. Contact our assisted living center injury lawyers today to discuss your loved one’s situation during a free initial consultation.

Illnesses and injuries that occur in assisted living facilities can range from minor to severe, including:

Medication Errors

Many assisted living facilities keep track of and dispense residents’ medications to ensure that they are not taking too much or not enough of their prescribed medications. However, many staff members are not careful in their tracking of medications and may give wrong medications or the wrong dosages of medications to assisted living residents.

Injuries Caused by Other Residents

The staff at an assisted living center is charged with keeping all residents safe. This includes protecting individuals from abuse and assaults from other residents. If injuries are incurred as the result of another resident, the center and the staff may also be partially at fault for not preventing the incident or incidents from occurring.

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Injuries in assisted living centers should not be tolerated. Contact our lawyers today to learn more about how we at Greene Ketchum can help you take action against all of the negligent parties.


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