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Two of the most common types of neglect injuries that occur in nursing homes are dehydration and malnutrition. Many residents suffer from these conditions due to their caregivers not providing the essentials to their residents. This negligence should not be tolerated and individuals and/or living facilities should be held responsible for the injuries that their neglect causes.

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In cases of dehydration, an individual’s body is losing more fluids than it is taking in. This is a serious problem and can lead to the death of the individual. Nursing home residents must be monitored closely to ensure that they are getting enough fluids. If they cannot take the fluids by mouth, it should be noted and intravenous fluids should be given until the patient can again take fluids by mouth on their own. However, members of the medical staff do not often take the time to ensure that dehydration is not occurring, leading to severe medical complications for the resident.


Unfortunately, malnutrition often accompanies dehydration in nursing home patients. While malnutrition can happen naturally if the patient is not eating, in many cases, nurses and other staff members are not paying enough attention to identify when or why a patient is not eating. It is extremely important that this be noticed and addressed. If not, malnutrition can lead to death.

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