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The Serious Effects of Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Sexual Abuse

Any type of abuse in a nursing home should not be tolerated. It is illegal and must be taken very seriously by anyone who observes signs of abuse or receives a report of abuse.

At the law office of Greene Ketchum in Huntington, West Virginia, our lawyers are committed to holding the negligent and aggressive parties responsible for the abuse that has taken place. We strive to help clients understand how to help their loved one in a nursing home, and make things better for them. Contact our nursing home abuse lawyers today and schedule a free initial consultation.

We are prepared to handle cases involving:

  • Physical abuse: The signs of physical abuse may be evident, though a loved one may not know that the nursing home resident is being abused. Open wounds, bruises, cuts and other injuries should bring about a discussion with caretakers about what happened. If they cannot adequately explain the injury, physical abuse may be suspected. Physical abuse can include assault, battery, rape, unreasonable physical restraint and overmedication.
  • Psychological abuse and emotional abuse: Psychological abuse and emotional abuse are two closely tied issues that may occur in a nursing home setting. Staff members or other residents may engage in inflicting agony, suffering and pain through physical or verbal acts. Isolation, the silent treatment, intimidation, threats and humiliation can result in an individual becoming agitated or upset, withdrawing and non-responsive.
  • Sexual abuse: Unfortunately, staff members or other residents may be the aggressors against an individual and commit a sexual abuse or sexual assault. Whether it happened once or is an ongoing issue, it should not be tolerated. Not only can our firm stand up for your loved one and file a lawsuit against the nursing home and any other responsible parties, but we can work to see that law enforcement becomes involved since criminal activity has taken place.

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If you believe your loved one has suffered physical, psychological, emotional or sexual abuse in a nursing home, contact our attorneys today. We at Greene Ketchum offer a free initial consultation so clients can meet with us to discuss their options without cost or obligation.


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